Billings Forge Community Works currently operates a 3-month paid on-the-job work experience embedded in the catering and café operations at The Kitchen Café at Billings Forge. The program exposes trainees to essential kitchen skills, ServSafe certifications and transferable skills gained through customer service and real workforce experiences.

There are three ways businesses can participate in the Billings Forge Community Works Kitchen Café Culinary Training Program.

  1. Host one or more culinary trainees in a job shadow experience for one to five days. We will handle the logistics for our trainee so they can gain exposure to other restaurants and kitchens. All you do is provide a safe and supervised worksite.
  2. Host one or more culinary trainees in an externship opportunity for one to two weeks. Billings Forge Community Works will be their employer of record and assume all payroll costs. You can keep your job focused on giving our trainee a great experience in a different setting.
  3. Provide a job placement opportunity at your site. Work with our staff to hire pre-trained, qualified candidates for your next opening. Help us to be a pipeline for your future business needs.

Together, we can ensure we have a quality workforce, fully capable of performing the culinary jobs of the future.

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