Job Training

In late 2009, Billings Forge Community Works initiated a six-month, on-the-job training program to prepare low-income residents for work in fine dining establishments. Our job training program emphasizes real world experience and prepares its graduates with first-class customer service skills that will benefit any establishment, including those in high-end markets. Job trainees learn to understand the rhythms and realities of fine dining environments, as well as this importance of dressing appropriately, communicating professionally, and arriving to work on time. The program successfully placed all of the members from it inaugural group of trainees, with only one exception: a new parent who postponed joining the workforce until she has adjusted to her new role as a mother! All trainees were placed in jobs paying 125-150% of minimum wage, with potential to grow with their employers into higher paying positions with increasing responsibility. For more information, please contact Julie Carrion at the Kitchen at Billings Forge.


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