Our youth programs strive to build assets in young people that will help them become healthy, engaged, and aware adults.

Youth in Frog Hollow

We serve youth who live in Frog Hollow by providing activities, increasing the amount of time youth spend in a safe, structured, and enriching environment. The programming includes cooking classes, movie and game nights, arts and crafts, and community building events.

Youth in Partner Programs

Billings Forge Community Works partners with a number of local youth organizations to provide cooking and food access curriculum to youth and families enrolled in their programs. These classes take place over the course of 6-8 sessions or are offered in one class Family Nights Out cooking classes.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about any of these programs, please contact Jocelyn Cerda, at jocelyn@billingsforgeworks.org or 860-548-9877, Ext. 404.